GoFar with CAS Trips

CAS TRIPS, in collaboration with the CarpeDM – GoFar Project, invites schools to be part of a transformative journey. We’ll explore the wonders of Ecuador, learn from ancient cultures, embrace sustainability, and contribute to conservation efforts. Here’s a glimpse of our life-altering adventure.

Day 1, Creativity
In the future-facing cityscape of Quito, you’ll experience sustainability’s tomorrow. Explore the Environmental Education Center, uncovering the marvels of recycling, circular economies, and environmental preservation. Participate in an immersive sensory tour, culminating in a riveting chat about recycling labs and the power of waste repurposing.

Night in Quito

Day 2 Activity
Gifts you Ecuador’s natural crown jewel – the Quilotoa Tour. The mesmerizing crater lake of Quilotoa and its indigenous communities are your playground. Journey through idyllic towns, visit an indigenous home, and marvel at the striking Toachi canyon before descending to the captivating Laguna for optional kayaking. Post a hearty Ecuadorian lunch, we commence our trip to Banos.

Day 3 – Activity
Is packed with adrenaline in Baños. Nestled in the Andes Mountains, this town offers exhilarating escapades amidst stunning natural beauty. Explore the vibrant city, visit the iconic Casa del Arbol, witness the formidable Pailon del Diablo Waterfall, and if time allows, zip through the skies or unwind in the Hot Springs of Banos. Cap the day with a journey to Puyo, a town celebrated for its rich culture and natural allure.

Night in Puyo

Day 4 – Service
Takes us to Las Orquídeas Botanical Garden. Here, the conservation hero Omar Tello transformed a deforested land into a flourishing forest. Participate in his vision, learn from his passion, and contribute to the forest’s preservation. The day ends with an impactful conversation on conservation and your role in fostering a sustainable future.

Night with Guayusa Runa Family

Day 5 – Service
Immerses you in the richness of the Kichwa community. Understand their sustainable lifestyle, resource exploitation resistance, and profound connection with nature. Learn their healing practices, their knowledge of local plants, and enjoy a traditional cooking lesson using local, all-natural ingredients.

Night in Quito

Day 6, – Activity
If time allows, unravel the rich tapestry of Ecuador’s cultural heritage. Stand astride two hemispheres at the Monument Equator Line, journey back to the Inca civilization at the Museo Itinan Museo, and witness the majestic Puluhua Crater.

The journey ends, but the memories linger – an unforgettable testament to Ecuador’s vibrant cultural heritage.

Join us. Let’s shape minds, touch hearts, and together, make a difference in our world.

To date we have had over 50 students participate in this program.

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