Embark on a Chocolate Journey: Unwrap Tsachila’s Ancient Traditions and Indulge in Cultural Wonders!

Tsachila Community Tourism

Dive headfirst into an enchanting two-day sojourn with the GoFar Project, unveiling the hidden treasures of the Tsachila community through an immersive chocolate-making expedition. This captivating odyssey doesn’t just stop at mastering the art of chocolate creation; it’s your portal to the heart of the Tsachila people.

Experience the rhythm of indigenous life as you become a part of a traditional Tsachila family, meandering through mesmerizing mountain landscapes that serve as a picturesque backdrop to this enlightening journey. Engage with the flavors of the land as you explore the richness of Tsachila cuisine, wrapped in layers of age-old customs and practices.

Let the profound wisdom of a practicing shaman sweep you off your feet as you partake in an authentic cleansing ceremony, grounding you in the spiritual ethos of the Tsachila community.

Prepare yourself for a sensory and soulful expedition that will take you beyond the ordinary, leaving an indelible imprint on your heart. As you return, you’ll carry home not just the sweet taste of homemade chocolate, but an enriched understanding of a resilient culture and the harmonious spirit of its people. Come, let’s uncover the real, the raw, and the remarkable with the GoFar Project.

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